Want to sell?

Do you want your images to be listed in our online shop? Of course that´s possible. We are currently setting up this store, and will continue to improve this. One of the things we are working on is the possibility for other photographers to sell their prints through The Holga Print Shop. We have also posted this blog post about this topic.

Get in touch with us by using the form below, and we will get back to you.

At this time we don´t know the price structure. We are not going to be rich listing other peoples work, but we will probably have to charge a cut to cover different fees and the costs of having this store running. One of the alternatives we are currently working on is 5% of the order amount + $1. Order amount includes product(s) + shipping. Be aware – listing your products is free, we will only charge when some of your products is ordered by customers.

We are not printing the posters ourself, actually all the printing, packaging and shipping process is done by Printful – as a print on demand service. They have a price per product and a shipping fee, and your earnings on the top. You can put your earnings as you like, it is all up to you!

How it works

The Holga Print Shop is just an online store with no warehouse or products in stock. This method is called drop shipping. Everything is made at a print on demand basis, through our partner Printful. This means we can collaborate from all over the world, and the products will be printed at a facility as close to the customer as possible. To be a contributor, or vendor as it´s called, you will get an own user and be able to make your own products, or let us make the products.

When a product with it´s variation is ready, we will publish this on our website. We will not charge for the listings, only if some of your products is ordered by customers. How much you want to earn per product, is entirely up to you.

Our online system will keep track of any sales and you will be able to see the reports on your user administration page. We will then pay your earnings. Usually it could be a good idea to do so when the amount reaches a threshold or at certain dates.

How to calculate your earnings?

We found the best way to calculate the earnings is by setting an amount, and then calculate the price instead. Let´s say you want to earn about $5 per poster sold and give an example.

Then the price in the shop should minimum be like this for enhanced matte paper posters:

Size (in)Price incl shippingEarnings (approx)

For premium luster paper posters:

Size (in)Price incl shippingEarnings (approx)

Want to know more about this? Please get in touch or read our blog post “What do we think? What do we want?”