About The Holga Print Shop

The Holga Print Shop was founded in April 2021, after having the idea for several years. Back in 2008 I found the joy of Holga photography during a trip to London, UK. I used the camera on several occasions the following years, and even bought several of them, all of them with their own characteristics.

For me lomography is about photography without thinking about techinque, but the story and contents of the image only. In 2021 I started to share my work, and sell through Printful and Etsy, and then realized there was no big Holga print shop.

So I put up this online store, open for everyone to join. The printing, packaging and shipping process is done by Printful, and they have several locations around the globe.

Hopefully this store can be the place to go to for nice Holga work to put on your wall.

Lars Idar Waage portrait

Follow on Facebook? We just put up a page and hopefully a Facebook shop soon.

We will continue to put more products in to the shop toe coming weeks and months.

Privacy policy

Our privacy policy can be found here.

Other policies

The Holga Print Shop has no warehouse or print the products ourselves. All the products printed with Holga and Lomography pictures are produced and shipped by Printful. They have several locations all over the world, and your order will be fulfilled at the location closest to you. Please read our shop policies, found here.

If you want to contribute to The Holga Print Shop andsell your Holga images as prints, please get in touch!