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Ready, set….go?

Not many updates during the summer, but we have been working with a couple of upgrades to the shop. We now have a solution for photographers wanting to list their images on Holgaprints!

So if you want to list your photographs we now have opened for a few photographers. Here´s how it works:

  1. You will be registered as a vendor in our shop. You will get your own vendor homepage with every product connected to your account, and every product will be listed in our shop.
  2. Once a week you will get a report of sales the last week. You will also get an report page online.
  3. You decide your income per item. We reccomend about $5 per unframed poster sold for an example, but it is entirely up to you. We will add some fees and our cut and list it at a the price. Our cut will be $1.5-2.
  4. When registered you will have to send your files to us and tell ous which products you want them printed on. You will have to list them as posters and framed posters as a minimum. Other products are completely optional.

If you have not been in touch with us yet, please read this post and register your contact details.

We are still sorting out about payment if this will be automatically or after reaching a threshold.

It is still possible to answer our survey about the price structure here.

Then the tricky part starts – to let everyone know about this shop. Our dream is to make Holgaprints the best Holga/Lomography print shop in the world, containing thousands of photographs. We need everyone´s help to promote this shop and our Instagram account.

We are still in the early stages of this shop, so don´t expect hundreds of sales. We have to build this together!